What is ViEO

ViEO is a platform that brings events to you so that you never have to miss out on the events just because you can't make it physically.

Why use ViEO
  • Guests

    With ViEO you never have to miss another event anymore. If you can't manage to go for that special event, ViEO has you covered. All events are searchable and you view any event as long as it's not restricted. This is great news for everyone. ViEO will bring events to you wherever you may be.

  • Hosts

    ViEO allows event organizers to reach out to users who are unable to make it to the physical event. With over 3 billion online today, ViEO gives the event organizers a venue which has reach an audience larger than any physical venue can afford. As a host you can make money by streaming paid for events on ViEO.

  • Communities

    If you are hosting a special event that may be private or for your community only and would like to live stream it. ViEO's restricted access events allow selective access to the events live stream making sure that your event can only be accessible to the guests that meet your requirements.

  • Multiple streams

    ViEO has a feature called event booths which allows organizers to create events with multiple stages, like CES or motor shows. Each event booth can have its own stream and users can switch between any booth of the event at any point during the event stream.

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